Organisatsions official name in Estonian is Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR, but often we also you short version MTÜ/NGO noOR. In English organisations name is  Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation noOR.

NGO noOR was established in year 2004 with the aim of supporting youngsters with fewer opportunities to participate actively in society.

Organisation started to be more active in year 2007 and currently our main activities are connected with international youth work (exchanges, trainings, European Voluntary Service etc). Due to these activities we have gained great experience from the field of intercultural learning, which we now also want to share with more youngsters in Estonia and include them more to our activities. Though we are active in international level, we are strongly connected with the national youth/social work and that mainly through our local partnerships all over the country with different organisations such as local governments, NGO-s and governmental organisations from social and youth work field etc.

All the team members of noOR have long time experience in youth work from local to international level. Our main stress is on the youngsters with fewer opportunities and we have good knowledge from the field of work with disabled people, which allows us to include to our activities also those youngsters who often stay away from mainstream youth work activities.