CALL FOR HORIZON: EVS opportunities in Estonia Jan 25

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NGO noOR is an EVS coordinating organization. In 2017/18 noOR coordinates many EVS services in Tallinn and smaller places in Estonia. Ready to explore the HORIZON!?

Tolkuse bog, Pärnu county

NB!  Only EVS Forms which follow the application criterions will be accepted.  Please read the application process at the end of the page thoroughly.

Click on the service name to get more detailed description of the service.

1 KÄO Day Care Centre MALEVA for Adults  

List of previous volunteers @ various Käo Centres:

Details: KÄO centre for adults has two centers in different parts of the city which offer services for people living with mental and multiple disabilities. 2 volunteers will be in both centers. Volunteers will be assisting teachers during various activities and workshops done together with the clients. Volunteer has the opportunity to offer her/his own activities for the clients – 9 months, starting October 2017 until July 2018.

Preferred profile of the volunteer: Volunteer should be motivated to work with people with severe disabilities. It would be good if she/he has previous experiences in the field but it is not determining factor in the application process. Volunteer should have sense of self initiative, be proactive and good with stressful situations and routine activities. Basic English is required.

Tallinna Tugikeskus JUKS

Homepage: JUKS

Details: JUKS offers services for people with intellectual and learning disabilities. In development centre clients learn basic things required for independent living (cooking, cleaning, etc.). Volunteer will be assisting teachers during various activities and is welcome to initiate her/his own workshops. JUKS is a big centre and a lot is going on constantly, there might be situations where information does not reach to all relevant stakeholders hence volunteers need to be ready to adjust with new situations on spot.  – 10 months, starting September 2017 until July 2018.

Preferred profile of the volunteer: Volunteer should be respectful towards clients and take into account their individual characteristics. Open mind, tolerance, and wish to learn and develop are essential. Volunteer should be independent and flexible. It is crucial that volunteer has the courage to ask assistance and help if she/he needs it.

3 Astangu Kutserehabilitatsiooni Keskus

Homepage: Astangu

Details: Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre is working with people with special needs and is a unique centre in Estonia, offering various services based on clients needs, developing the field of rehabilitation in Estonia and sharing competences with other service providers. Our wide array of projects and developments combine with our main vocational rehabilitation process, constituting the prime activities of our centre.  – 10 months, starting September 2017 until July 2018

Preferred profile of the volunteer: Volunteer should be motivated to work with people with various abilities. Volunteer's sense of self initiative and openness to work with people is required so is good English skills.


Interested volunteers, please:


  • while filling the EVS form, please be as detailed and thorough as possible! Your EVS form should clearly reflect why you would like to volunteer in the chosen service.
  • if you are interested in more than one project, please mark your order of preference (use name of the organisation not the number in the list) and write different motivation letters.
  • selected volunteers will be asked for a Skype interview.
  • make sure you have sending organization's details in the form.

Thank you!

Greetings from noOR EVS team.                                                     


Comments: 8

if I live in Mexico city I can to apply for the vacancy?
Hi! Unfortunately this project is for program and partner countries only. But you can use EVS also when you are from Mexico, just have to look for a special project. Have fun!
Sandra Cristina Carvalho Queirós
Are you very rigid about the dates?
what you mean?
Dealine was April 17, Can I apply or is so late ? Thank you
You can apply for the first 4 services in the list. The others are almost in the process of finalization. Greetings!
The deadline was on June 1, can I apply, or is it too late? Thank you!
Hello, I know that the deadline was on 10.07.17, but I began to find proyects yesterday. did any proyect still empty or is too late? I am very interested on some of the proyects. Thank you.
Email again:

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