How much it costs to host a volunteer?

Your organisation doesn’t need to pay nothing to host a volunteer. noOR will help you to prepare the project to apply for finances and will take care of the financial side of the project for the preparation, implementation and follow up.


Which kind of activities the volunteer can do?

The volunteer should participate in activities that organisation is everyday running and which could be creative and develop his/her competences. The important matter here is that the volunteer CAN NOT replaces a worker in the organisation. The volunteer can make a sort of different activities but always been supported by a responsible of the organisation.


Do I need to speak volunteer’s language?

No. We just suggest that some staff in the hosting organisation is able to express in English as usually English is language most of the volunteers speak at least in some level.


Who will provide accommodation and food for the volunteer?

Youth in Action Programme will finance the project and noOR will make all the arrangements regarding accommodation and food for the volunteer.


If the volunteer gets sick, who will cover the medical treatment?

All the medical treatment will be covered by a full insurance provided by the programme.


Do we need to write reports or any bureaucracy to host the volunteer?

Though applications and reports and other bureaucracy will be arrange by noOR, then we still need your contribution to put together all the papers and documents. For that we will ask several questions from you from time to time as hosting organisation in the end is meeting the volunteer everyday on work bases.   


How many hours the volunteer can work?

The volunteer have to get minimum 30 hours per week and maximum 35 hours. The volunteers also can work in the weekend when it is needed and agreed. It’s very important that the volunteer have 2 consecutive days off per week. Per month the volunteer have 2 vacation days that he/she will use after agree in proper time with your organisation.



The maximum duration of an EVS project is 12 months. The project can be held between 2 weeks until 12 months.