Moving Out Of Circles: noored Eestist, vabatahtlik tegevus ja Rooma linn 11. juuni

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5.06.2017 lendasid Christel ja Maksim kaheks kuuks Rooma, et osaleda Euroopa vabatahtliku teenistuse programmis. Lisaks Eesti noortele osalevad projektis veel Läti, Bulgaaria ning Hispaania noored. Noori võõrustab UILDM Lazio organisatsioon Roomas ning Tallinnast pani noored lennuki peale Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR koostöös Tallinna Spordi- ja Noorsooametiga.
Moving Out of Circles vabatahtlikud

Background of host organisation: UILDM Lazio a no-profit organisation based in Rome, Lazio. Since 2004 we have been organising EVS hosting and sending projects to promote active participation of young people with physical disabilities in international non-formal learning experiences. In 2010-2012, we have been part of the TO-GET-THERE network to improve the quality and quantity of inclusion projects by creating short term group EVS projects and offering local and international mentoring trainings.

Aim: This project is aiming at giving an opportunity for young people with fewer opportunities, who often do not find the chance to participate in EVS projects, to have a safe first EVS experience of two months. This way, the volunteers will be able to participate in longer term EVS projects in the future.

Activities: It is a group-EVS hosting 2 volunteers from Estonia, Spain, Latvia and Bulgaria, altogether 8 young people. EVS volunteers are working together with long-term Italian Civil Service volunteers of the organisation to document "mobility" stories of people with physical disabilities living in Rome, who are also immigrants for different reasons.

In the beginning of the project the volunteers will be exploring the concept of "mobility" from different angles: from disability to architectural barriers, from immigration to walls against movement; from finding your place in a big city to getting lost in chaos.

The stories will be documented in various formats based on interest and competences of volunteers: on a blog, on UILDM Lazio's quarterly publication "Finestra Aperta", on web radio "", on several social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr). This way, the results of the project will reach thousands of people in and out of Italy. 

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