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The project From the World to the House takes place in a time context when FAJDP has seen a growing success of it´s latest project, The House of Associations. Associated to the House, there are many  different services that can be offered, which range from the "Associative Nest"; to the Associ'arte space; also including the Youth Information Desk.

 In this context, the project "From the World to the House" aims to stimulate the associative entrepreneurship, training and promoting youth associations and encourage youth mobility, making use of informal and non formal education and learning methodology.

 The goal is to host, in the House of Associations, three volunteers aged from 18 to 30 years.

It is expected that one of the volunteers assumes the functions of “Dinamizador” of the House; and the remaining 2 are promoting the exchange of experiences. However, considering that the CASA is a collaborative and networking space, the volunteers will be combined properly with the different nature of the associations / informal group of young people:

1. Under Network Youth;

2. Within the Environment and Interculturalism; 

3. Social and Arts.

 Financial support was approved by the Portuguese National Agency for ERASMUS+ Programme (Key Action 1).

 Therefore, the following conditions can be offered:


  • Travel costs from participants' hometown to the venue will be covered according to the new rules of the ERASMUS+ Programme and upon presentation of original invoices and travel tickets up to 275€
  • Accommodation (private room), food and all materials of the EVS will be covered by FAJDP.
  • Pocket money: 100€/month.
  • Participants will be covered by the health insurance under the Erasmus+ Program standards and by the European Health Insurance Card (when applicable).
More info: evs@erinoor.ee

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