Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR is an European Solidarity Corps volunteering organisation in Estonia and coordinates around 25 international volunteering services in Tallinn and smaller places across Estonia. Every year 25 international volunteers choose to come to Estonia and share their time and spirit with local communities. 


We are currently looking for international volunteers to following European Solidarity Corps volunteering services:

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NB! At the moment we can accept volunteer applications only from youth living in EU countries, aged 18-30.  


 “Open Wings” is calling volunteers for volunteers during 2023/2024: 

NB! Service durations are flexible

 Aruküla School and Kindergarten – 2 volunteers

Details: Volunteer has a possibility to work in two communities (Raasiku – population 1350; Aruküla 2000). Main volunteering position is in the kindergarten (3 – 7 yo children), sometimes also basic school (7 – 16 yo youngsters). During school holidays it is possible to do workshops and camps in youth centers. Also, volunteer is invited to create events which will enliven general life in the communities. Mentioned communities are small but they have all necessary facilities and both locations are very near to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. There is a very good bus and train connection with Tallinn.

Preferred profile of the volunteerWe wish volunteers who join our team has a positive outlook on life who is ready to initiate also his/her own ideas and activities to make lives of our youth and community more divers. Also, we wish volunteers to motivate local youth to participate in an international activities. 


 Tallinn Liikuri Kindergarten – 2 volunteers

Details: Liikuri Kindergarten has over 200 children and is divided into 12 groups. We have 2 groups for children between the ages of 1.5 to 3 and 10 groups for children between the ages of 3 to 7. One of the groups for children aged 3 to 7 provides services for children with special needs.  In our kindergarten  Russian is the language of instruction and Estonian is taught. Our daily activities include facilitating the learning of the Estonian language for children three years of age and older. Furthermore, we offer a variety of programs for different age groups to ensure a positive experience and the proper development of each child. For example, we have a swimming pool, learning garden, street musical instruments, smart robots for kids, and much more.

Preferred profile of the volunteerVolunteer is expected to  enjoy working with young children, to be open and kid friendly. Volunteer should be able to think creatively, make good decisions and communicate effectively with others.

 Tallinn Mustakivi Kindergarten

Details: At Tallinn Mustakivi Kindergarten operates 14 groups:10 groups for kids 1,5-3 years and 4groups for kids with special abilities (light physical and mental retardation). The teaching language is Russian. Each day, the group employs 2 teachers (or teacher and assistant) and a teaching assistant. In addition, there are music teacher, Estonian language teacher, physical-movement teacher, and speech therapists working with children. Altogether there are 55 employees and 260 children in the kindergarten. Our kindergarten is actively involved in projects aimed at protecting the environment. In the garden beds, children grow vegetables and advertise a healthy lifestyle. Through active programs in nature, which are funded by the Estonian Department of Environment, children get acquainted with the flora and fauna, and respect for nature is brought up. Also, we cooperate with neighboring kindergartens.

Preferred profile of the volunteerWe choose a volunteer out of desire and interest to introduce him to the diverse activities in our kindergarten. We wish to host a volunteer who wants to work with children. We are interested in getting to know a different culture and developing tolerance and respect for a different culture. A girl with a kind and cheerful character, who loves children and wants to work with them. It is desirable to speak the Russian language, it is also possible to speak German or English.

Tallinn Mutionu Kindergarten

Details: Mutionu Kindergarten is catering service for children in the age of 2 to 7. We have 4 groups. Volunteer will assist teachers in their daily activities with the children – eating, dressing, playing. Volunteer can also initiate his/her own activities and workshops. 

Preferred profile of the volunteerVolunteer could be open minded, committed, with high sense of responsibility and fun. Basic English is needed.

Võsukese Kindergarten – 2 volunteers

Details: Võsukese kindergarten is a pre-primary school and was opened in 2015. Võsukese kindergarten is a municipal kindergarten located in Jüri, a small town in Rae parish about 12 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia . There are 240 pupils in our school (from 2 to 7 years old) and 56 employees work in it. Children have been divided into 12 groups by their age. There are 3 teachers working with each group. We also have a teacher for special educational needs and speech therapist. Volunteer will assist teachers in their daily activities with kids – playing, feeding, dressing etc

Preferred profile of the volunteerWe wish to meet volunteers who are fun, committed, respectful, and with good manners. Volunteers who love playing with kids and who are interested in the child development process. Basic English is needed.

5. Kiikhobu Kindergarten – 2 volunteers

Details: Kiikhobu kindergarten has 11 different groups of children and volunteer will work with children in between the age of 2 to 4. Volunteers will help teachers with daily activities in dressing, feeding, doing playing with children. There will be 1 international volunteer volunteering in the kindergarten at the same time. There are 2 volunteering positions available. 

Preferred profile of the volunteerVolunteer is expected to be polite and caring, they should understand that even if volunteer do not perceive her/himself as such, the children will see them as a role model. Volunteer should be social and ready to communicate with children even without knowing local language in this sense knowing English or Estonian is an asset but not necessarily needed.

Youth Centre in Maidla

Details: Maidla is a small community in North-East Estonia. In Maidla youth center volunteer will assist local youth worker. Youth center has quite active group of youth coming to together and motivated to learn about cultures and also organise international youth projects

Preferred profile of the volunteerVolunteer should be independent and ready to live in a small community. Should have good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility. Volunteers should be interested in local culture, educational system and hold humanistic values.

Tartu Mõisavahe Home

Details: Mõisavahe Home offers services for people (adults) with intellectual and mental disabilities. Everyday we work for one goal- that people who live with us should have active and positive day no matter of their age, gender or disability. We are also very active in sports like walking, games, dancing, singing and activities like art and handicraft. We are always standing for disabled people´s rights to be involved in society and feel safe at home. We support every person to be as independent as they can. We concentrate in everyday activities which people in their homes are carrying out – cleaning, working in the kitchen, outside in the garden, where in summertime grow herbs, vegetables and flowers. We are guiding and teaching our clients how to carry on these activities on their own as much as their skills and disabilities are allowing.

Preferred profile of the volunteerWe expect that the volunteer is committed to the project, is independent and active, positive, open minded, flexible and willing to learn. Also active to support our clients in everyday activities – working activities, hobbies and also to be ready to give suggestions to improvement of our service. Some experience in work with people with special needs would be an advantage. Positive way of life – friendliness and sociability are the characteristics that describe a successful volunteer candidate. We also expect the candidate to be reliable, responsible and taking initiative.

Tallinn Meelespea Kindergarten

Details: Meelespea kindergarten has over 100 children in the age of 2 – 7. There will be 1 international volunteer hosted that will work with a group of children aged 6 to 7. They assist teacher in her daily activities with the children. Service will last from September 2023 until July 2024 (10 months). Dates are flexible.

Preferred profile of the volunteerVolunteer is expected to be open, creative, kid friendly who is ready to assist kids in their daily activities – eating, dressing -, but also in learning activities. Volunteer should tolerate noise and unexpected situations. It is an asset if you have ha previous experiences with children or youth but it is not a requirement. Basic English is required.

Kopli Home

Details: Kopli Home is a home for 24 people who live with mental disability. They are in age range of 20 until 75 years old. Kopl home has 13 staff members who have received special preparation for working with the mentioned target group. Kopli Kodu’s mission is to have active and positive day for all the clients no matter their gender, age or disability. They dance, walk, sing, play board games and organise events and art workshops. Volunteer will assist staff members in their daily activities

Preferred profile of the volunteerWe wish our volunteer to be committed to the service, independent, active, positive, open minded, with sense of responsibility, flexible and ready to learn new things. Previous experience in working with people living with various abilities is an asset. Basic English is needed.


NB! In order to apply, please fill in the application –> HERE <-

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