An afternoon with typical German games in Kiikhobu Kindergarten

An afternoon with typical German games in Kiikhobu Kindergarten

Community project in Kiikhobu lasteaed by Jana and Ida

Last week, 22.05., me (Jana) and Ida made an afternoon in our kindergarten with different game points all
over the garden where different (typical) German games were played. Beside the children of our groups
who were between five and seven years old, took their parents part. Volunteers from other organisations
helped at the stations with the explanation of the specific game.

The afternoon started with two typical German dances to get the people warm. The children had much fun
with dancing the “Fliegerlied” as well as with “Das Rote Pferd”. Afterwards we separated the children with
their parents into groups named after typical German things like “Dirndl”, “Brezel” or “Eiche” by letting
them take cards with the symbols.

Beside these games which were more active, we also had other exercises where they had to think a bit
together with their parents. One was for example was drawing the German and Estonian flag with chalk
onto the street. The ground was filled afterwards with many flags and almost all of them were correct but
some also were quite interesting. Additionally, we had a jumping game with numbers from 1 to 10. There
the point was that the people jump from number to number while saying the number where they are on in
the moment in German. Some did it quite good and tried it until they finished it in German, others tried at
first in German and then counted in English. But that´s also really good already with around 6 years. The
last game was a quiz about Germany and Estonia with questions more for the kids like finding the countries
on the map or naming the capital cities and national animals. On the other side, there also were questions
where the parents themselves had to think a lot like the national holiday of Germany or population of
Germany. They had really good answers, children as well as their parents.

Then, every group started at another point and moved between the numbers from 1 to 8. The first game
was egg run where the group was separated again into two and then they had a little competition with
running with the egg on a spoon not falling down till a cone and back and then give it to the next one until
everyone did it. Game number two was can throwing where they had to try to hit all ten cans of a pyramid
with three trials. Another game was sack jumping where two children competed each time against each
other who is faster back after turning around a cone. Furthermore, there was a station of pulling a rope.

Finally, we finished the evening with a small picnic and with giving them “Urkunden” (certificates) for taking
part in the event.
It was a very nice afternoon and everyone (children, parents and all volunteers) had much fun with the
games and Ida and me showed a part of the community of the kindergarten a bit more of the German